The ethnic population of Crawley is approximately fourteen percent. These communities consist of diverse ethnic origins, with different religions, languages and cultural values. Established ethnic organizations of Crawley recognised that they all have a shared agenda with complementary aims and objectives - those of developing and delivering services to Crawley's ethnic minority population. These Organizations felt that it was a priority to establish an ethnic umbrella and infrastructure organization to address their needs and common experiences of marginalisation and social exclusion.

CEMP is an umbrella, infrastructure and support organisation and has a membership of forty one ethnic Minority Organisations from Crawley and surrounding areas. Member's organisations represent people from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. It welcomes membership from any ethnic minority group, including European, which is currently under-represented.

Services & Activities:
· Delivering capacity-building training aimed at improving the infrastructure of minority voluntary community organisations
· Delivering development training to improve the governance of organisations
· As the lead body for the West Sussex ChangeUp Additional Support Programme (ASP), CEMP and its partners are supporting and developing marginalised community groups throughout West Sussex
· Delivering and facilitating Access to Services seminars with local authorities, social services, health and other providers
· Developing partnership working within minority community groups/organisations
· Administrating a facility for Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks for volunteers and staff of groups working with children and vulnerable adults, to meet legal requirements
· Partnership working with statutory and voluntary agencies
· Providing meeting rooms to member groups to facilitate their development
· Facilitating group meetings to improve their governance
· Disseminating relevant information to all community groups on services and
funding issues
· Representing the needs of minority communities at meetings of service providers, and acting as a single point of contact
· Working for social inclusion, equality and social justice for marginalised communities
· Sign-posting community groups/individuals to access appropriate services
· Providing groups/individuals one-to-one support.
· Holding Friday surgeries for groups/individuals to provide development support
· Providing use of office computer, photocopying, power point projector and screen
· Developing new services for minority elderly people to address their isolation and allowing them to access services more easily
· Developing services for the BME community, particularly concerning issues of diabetes, heart diseases and mental health
· Attending community groups’ cultural, social and religious events and networking

· To develop a partnership of Black and Minority Ethnic groups and organizations.
· To identify the needs of the Ethnic Minority Communities and represent them to the Statutory and Voluntary Sectors.
· To deliver capacity building, development and funding training for the BME community and marginalized groups.
· To raise awareness of marginalisation and social exclusion by ethnic minorities.
· To organise meetings and seminars and invite service providers to present the availability of services and introduction of any policy changes by the Government.
· To network with other ethnic minority and mainstream voluntary organisations in the South East Region.

· CEMP is a registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. Its members have democratically elected a Board of Directors representing a cross-section of minority organizations in Crawley.
· CEMP has employed a full time Partnership Manager, and part-time support wiorkers depending on the projects being undertaken. The Partnership Manager's responsibility, as well as developing CEMP, is to represent the partnership at meetings, Seminars and Conferences of the Local, Regional and Central Government Offices and other Statutory and Voluntary Agencies.

The CEMP Sub-Committees:
... (1) Planning & Finance
... (2) Health & Social Caring
... (3) Education
... (4) Crime Reduction Initiative
... (5) Housing
... (6) Women Health & Welfare

CEMP Board meetings are held regularly. CEMP Staff and Board (rep) meetings are held once a month and CEMP membership meetings are held quarterly. Board meetings are also attended by participating observers representing Crawley Borough Council officers and councilors, and by the Chair of Crawley Council for Voluntary Service.

ChangUp Additional Support Programme ( ASP):
CEMP is a lead agency delivering Additional Support Programme
in West Sussex.

ChangeUp West Sussex aims to develop an 8 year Infrastructure
Development Plan to improve services to all Voluntary and
Community Organisations in the county.